The heart of the Thracian Civilization is The Maritza river lowland. Very close, on the left side to the river is situated our Wine Cellar “Malkata Zvezda”. Near to the present Turkish border in the very south of Bulgaria we establish that winery in the just location of the ancient crossroad of antiques commercials ways in the form of five-pointed star. Translated from Bulgarian, “Malkata Zvezda” means that little pentacle. That’s why, the wine cellar is a heir apparent of that one historical “Emporion” / places, usually situated in the “agora’s” in centre of the cities and port’s of entry, but an exception to the rule, similarly at the specific locations of world renown places, connected with great-quality wine-production. In the remote past, the wine from Thrace is most highly estimated stock. Of that time trade low take’s out of taxes tradesman’s only in these “Emporion’s”, so the importance of “The Little Pentacle” was be enormous./
          Thracians, after all. So with this ancient history and with this unique wine, if we can’t break trough on the international market of wines?! In our lands we have proofs, evidences and artifacts, riches and treasures for our predecessors the Thracians, known in the ancient world, like a most refined and wonderfully wine-making people. The wine of the Thracians was a excellent and divine drink, known and admired all over the ancient world, from 4000.B.C, till the establishment of the East Roman Empire in that land and the end of the Thracian culture about 400 .A.D. That dignity and proper pride bring as to reach across the ancients times to the present the mysterious world of the vines and wine of the Thracians and we are ready to share that magic, understanding it’s chemistry and secrets. Love for vines and wine and the awareness of the need to respect the earth of Thracians and its terroir make as a dedicated to propagate the ideas of the wine consumption for its best part, just like as the story of Thracians goes with his mysteries and spirituals ceremonies. Here in the Maritza lowland, the weather, mostly sunny throughout the whole year, the constant wind and the scarce rainfall provide a perfect condition of growing high-quality grapes and they are truly excellent. That’s why any bottle of wine of this region is amazing and its well reception on the Romanian market is sure!
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